Marvel’s Demon Rider will ride again in 2021

Kushala, who first appeared in ‘Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme,’ will return next year in a solo series.

Kushala the Demon Rider, who first appeared in 2016 in Marvel’s Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme title, all but disappeared from the comic pages after that title was cancelled, but she’s going to come back … with a vengeance.

First, Marvel has announced another variant cover by artist Jeffrey Veregge for Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices, the one-shot anthology featuring stories about Marvel characters by Native American creators. And it features the Demon Rider:

Second, Marvel has also announced plans for a Demon Rider solo series, coming next year. No details or creative teams were announced.

Kushala the Demon Rider was created by Robbie Thompson and Javier Rodriguez, and joined other mystical characters from the past, present and future of the Marvel Universe in the pages of Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme. The Apache woman’s parents were killed by the U.S. Army circa the late 1800s, and when she prayed for help, she ended up possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. She then traveled the world learning magic as she sought a way to rid herself of it, eventually becoming the Sorcerer Supreme for that era. She also made a brief appearance during the War of the Realms event.

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