DC’s Future State Wonder Woman will become the present state Wonder Girl

Yara Flor, the South American Wonder Woman who will debut in January, will appear in a miniseries by Joelle Jones.

We’re still a couple months away from the debut of DC Future State, the post-Death Metal event that will offer readers a glimpse at the future of the DCU. But one character set to debut in the two-month event will live on — Yara Flor, the future Wonder Woman who hails from South America.

DC announced this week that they are developing a show for The CW featuring the character, but are also giving her a miniseries that will be written and drawn by Joëlle Jones.

There’s no word yet on when to expect the new miniseries, but Joelle Jones took to Twitter to share both her excitement and some additional art:

The new Wonder Girl (and future Wonder Woman) isn’t the only character from Future State you can expect more from. According to Newsarama, the John Ridley-written The Next Batman is likely also walking around the current DCU. It’ll be interesting to see if other characters introduced during the event end up in the current DCU as well.

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