DC reveals additional creative team changes after ‘Future State’

DC held several panels at Brazil’s CCXP to announce new titles, creative team changes and more.

For two months, DC will focus on the future of the DC Universe as they present DC Future State in January and February. Limited series starring future version sof Superman, Batman, Wonder and more will temporarily replace their regular titles.

Come March, though, many of the creators bringing Future State to life will stay on to work on the ongoing titles as well. DC revealed many of these creative changes during CCXP, a big comics convention held in Brazil. This year, the event was held virtually, of course, and DC used it as an opportunity to highlight several of these changes.

Here’s a rundown of what we know so far on what to expect from DC’s regular line-up when it returns in March after their two-month hiatus:

(Note: I’ve updated this based on the press release from DC that came out Dec. 7, with new details and artwork)

Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad will take over writing duties on Wonder Woman in March, following their stint on Immortal Wonder Woman in January and February. They’ll be joined by artists Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain. In the first arc, Wonder Woman tries to figure out why she’s ended up in Valhalla.

Mariko Tamaki will take over the writing duties on Detective Comics in March, with Dan Mora on art. They are also working together on Dark Detective during Future State.

Stephanie Phillips, who is writing the Harley Quinn Future State comic, will team up with artist Riley Rossmo on the ongoing Harley Quinn series, along with colorist Ivan Plascencia M. While Rossmo isn’t working on the Future State Harley, he is involved in the event, as he’ll be drawing the Future State Legion of Superheroes title.

Following his stint on the Future State: Batman/Superman comic, Gene Luen Yang will take over writing the ongoing Batman/Superman comic, where he’ll be joined by artist Ivan Reis.

In addition, DC will launch several new series in March:

A new Green Lantern title will be written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Tom Raney, who are both working on the Last Lanterns title for Future State. The series will focus on John Stewart.

Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval, who are working on the Future State: Teen Titans, will launch a Teen Titans Academy series in March. The series will feature Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy training the next generation of heroes — including Red X.

Ram V and Mike Perkins are working on a new 10-issue Swamp Thing series.

Robbie Thompson and Eduardo Pansica will launch a new Suicide Squad series, which will feature Peacemaker leading an Amanda Waller-controlled Suicide Squad.

And finally, as announced in November, Joelle Jones will work on a new Wonder Girl series.

And finally, DC also revealed Olivier Coipel’s variant cover for The Next Batman #1 this past weekend:

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