Dark Horse to publish a new ‘kung-fu epic’ from James Stokoe

‘Orphan and the Five Beasts’ kicks off in March.

Orc Stain and Sobek creator James Stokoe has a new “kung-fu epic” arriving next year from Dark Horse Comics, titled Orphan and the Five Beasts. The four-issue miniseries features Orphan Mo, who uses her kung fu to find and kill five former disciples of her master who broke bad.

“If there’s one consistent thing more than any other that’s been an influence on my work throughout the years, it has to be the incredible worlds and adventure stories found in classic Hong Kong action films,” Stokoe said. “With Orphan and the Five Beasts, I’m looking to bring that love forward in a new fantasy comic that pays homage to the great films that have given me so much joy in life, while hopefully bringing something unique to the shelves.”

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the title:

Spurred on by her master’s dying words, the adopted warrior “Orphan Mo” seeks to find and kill five former disciples who now threaten the land with corruption from their demonic powers. Part Five Deadly Venoms and part surreal grindhouse, James Stokoe brings his knack for ultra-detailed fantasy and over-the-top violence to this classic tale of revenge. 

The first issue arrives in March.

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