Rob Liefeld to create a new ‘Mighty Crusaders’ miniseries at Archie

Four-issue miniseries will re-imagine the Shield, the Comet and more.

Archie Comics has announced that the Might Crusaders will return next year in a new miniseries by Deadpool/Brigade creator Rob Liefeld.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit to work with the folks at Archie and do something with these legendary characters,” Liefeld said. “The Shield is the first patriotic comic book icon, pre-dating Captain America. These are the original comic book superheroes, with a glorious history behind them. I’m so psyched to tell this story and turn my fans on to these characters!”

According to the press release, Liefeld “will reimagine Archie’s vast and iconic library of superheroes, including characters like the Shield, the Comet, the Jaguar, Fly-Girl, and more.” It also notes that Archie hopes to find success in adapting them to other media, like they have with Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Katy Keene.

“When I learned that Rob — a creator of the highest caliber with a long, sterling track record — was a fan of our characters, I knew we had to act fast,” said Archie Comics CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater. “Along with Marvel and DC, Archie Comics is one of the few media companies with an entire catalogue of superheroes dating back to the earliest days of comics, that are beloved and bursting with potential. I knew right away that Rob Liefeld was the person to make them shine again. This series will remind people why these characters matter, and put them in the A-list, where they have always belonged.” 

Many of the characters who make up the Might Crusaders first appeared in the early 1940s, including The Shield and the Comet. They’re appeared several times since then in the 1960s, under Archie’s “Red Circle” banner in the 1980s, as part of the Impact line from DC Comics in the 1990s and even as a part of the DC Universe circa 2010. Archie launched New Crusaders as a digital series back in 2012, by Ian Flynn and Ben Bates, which was followed by the Dark Circle line a few years later. The most recent revival was in 2017.

No release date was given for the new miniseries beyond “next year,” but you can check out some of Liefeld’s preliminary art below.

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