DC celebrates 80 years of Wonder Woman with new digital series

‘Sensational Wonder Woman’ will launch in January.

DC will launch a new “digital first” series in January featuring ‘free of continuity’ stories about Wonder Woman.

Sensational Wonder Woman will be a “reader-friendly, high action series,” according to the press release, featuring the star of DC’s latest film. It’s also just in time for her 80th anniversary.

For the first arc, Wonder Woman will face Doctor Psycho in a story by Stephanie Phillips, Meghan Hetrick and Marissa Louise. “During a battle with the villain, Wonder Woman sacrifices herself to stop him, the impact from his psychic blast trapping her in an alternate reality. With the help of guest-star Hawkgirl, Diana must remember who she is before it’s too late,” the release reads.

Creators working on future arcs include Alyssa Wong and Eleonora Carlini, Mirka Andolfo, Corinna Bechko and Colleen Doran, who will write the characetr for the first time:

Sensational Wonder Woman #1 arrives on DC’s digital platforms on Jan. 6, with a main cover by Yasmine Putri. The print version will arrive in March.

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