Marvel reveals more ‘Heroes Reborn’ details + covers

Dale Keown, Federico Vicentini and James Stokoe join Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness for the event series.

Marvel has revealed more details on their upcoming Heroes Reborn event series, which will spin out of Jason Aaron’s current run on Avengers. The alternate-reality story imagines a world where the Avengers never assembled.

Ironically, the Squadron Supreme — Marvel’s, um, homage to the Justice League — will become Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in this vacuum. They’ll also take center stage on the series’ covers:

Heroes Reborn #1-4 covers by Leinil Francis Yu

While the first issue introduces this new world, subsequent issues will focus on individual members of the team. Hyperion, “Marvel’s Mightiest Megastar,” will face off with Victor Von Doom, Ultron, General Annihilus and Immortal Hulk in the Negative Zone in the second issue, which will also feature a Blade back-up story (Blade is the only one who remembers how the world is supposed to be).

In the third issue, Blur will face off with “the Speedster Supreme, the Silver Witch” — who seems to be a mash-up of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The Phoenix and Ravencroft Asylum will be featured in the back-up story.

Finally, the fourth issue will spotlight Doctor Spectrum, who will have a face-off with Rocket Raccoon. The back-up story will feature a female Starbrand.

In addition to the previously announced Ed McGuinness, who will draw the first issue, Marvel also announced that Dale Keown, Federico Vicentini and James Stokoe will contribute to the event. According to Aaron, each of them will draw an issue of the series:

Heroes Reborn kicks off in May.

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