‘Legends of the Dark Knight’ returns this spring

Darick Robertson will write and draw the first story in the returning anthology.

A classic anthology series from DC will get a digital makeover in April, as the publisher has announced the return of Legends of the Dark Knight.

The new series will kick off with a six-part story written and drawn by The Boys artist Darick Robertson, featuring a new foe who sells deadly chemicals to Gotham’s worst villains.

“Dream come true,” Robertson said on Twitter. “I’m writing and drawing one of my favorite characters ever.”

Here’s the official description of the story from DC:

Legends of the Dark Knight kicks off with a six-part weekly/three-issue monthly tale, written and illustrated by Darick Robertson (The Boys, Hellblazer: Rise and Fall, Transmetropolitan), with colors by Diego Rodriguez and letters by Simon Bowland. In “Bad Night, Good Knight,” a new player has arrived on the scene in Gotham City and is selling deadly chemicals to the worst villains in town: Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and even The Joker! It’s up to Batman to stop the villains, track down the supplier, and save Gotham City from not only his most vicious foes, but this new mystery villain.

Future issues will feature stories by Stephanie Phillips, Becky Cloonan, Brandon Thomas, Matthew Rosenberg, Brandon Easton, Che Grayson, Yedoye Travis, Cian Tormey, Giannis Milonogiannis, Karl Mostert, Max Dunbar, Dike Ruan, Belén Ortega and Nina Vakueva.

The original run of Legends of the Dark Knight debuted way back in 1989, around the time of the first Tim Burton Batman film, and featured stories by Denny O’Neil, Grant Morrison, Ed Hannigan, Mike W. Barr, Doug Moench, José Luis Garcia-López, Klaus Janson, Matt Wagner, Dwayne McDuffie, Archie Goodwin, Mike Mignola, James Robinson, Tim Sale, Mark Millar and many more. It was published until 2007. This is the second time the title has been revived as a digital series, with the first being in 2012.

The new series will arrive on digital in April and then in print in May. Check out some of the variant covers for the first issue below.

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