DC wants you to help name Nightwing’s dog

DC has opened a poll on their community boards that ends March 30.

Nightwing’s got a new dog, and that dog needs a name. So DC is running a poll on their DC Universe Infinite community boards with four choices.

Unfortunately, you have to have a login to access the boards and the poll, which means you have to live in the United States. But writer Tom Taylor took to Twitter to offer an “informal” option for those who live outside the U.S.:


The names would all make sense in their own way; Shadow, because Nightwing and his fellow Bat-family fight crime from the shadows, and Blue, obviously, is his color of choice. Then you have Hope, which fits because he’s probably the most hopeful member of the Batman gang.

But my favorite would be Haley, which is a reference to Haley’s Circus (or Haly’s Circus, depending on where it’s being referenced). That of course is the circus where Dick Grayson grew up and learn to trapeze with his parents, the Flying Grayson.

DC’s official poll closes on March 30.

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