Christmas comes in July in the ‘Batman/Catwoman Special’

Tom King and John Paul Leon team up for the story of Catwoman before she was Catwoman.

The Eisner-nominated team of Tom King and John Paul Leon will reunite for a one-shot interlude to the Batman/Catwoman comic book maxiseries. Dave Stewart joins them on colors.

Batman/Catwoman Special arrives in July, tracing the life of Selina Kyle from he early days to her arrival in the criminal underworld, showing how Bruce Wayne factored into her life during that time.

It also sports a fun holiday cover:

According to the description from DC, “Some great romances are destined to be”: The Batman/Catwoman series shows readers the romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle as it changed over their lives, but what about their connections from before they became costumed adventurers? Whether it was fate or coincidence, this story gives even more reasons why Selina and Bruce’s connection is one of the most enduring love affairs in comics.

Here are some preview pages from the special:

And of course the variant covers, by Lee Weeks and Bill Sienkiewicz:

King and Leon previously worked together on the Eisner-nominated short story “Black Death in America,” which appeared in the Vertigo CMYK: Black special. It told the true story of he true story of Henry Louis Johnson, an African-American soldier in World War I who was held up as a war hero but died in poverty. Johnson was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2015.

Batman/Catwoman Special arrives in stores July 20. The $5.99, 48-page comic falls under DC’s Black Label imprint.

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