DC reveals the final four in their ‘Round Robin’ brackets

The fans have spoken.

Earlier this month DC kicked off their 2020 Round Robin competition, pitting 16 comic book pitches against each other, March Madness style, and letting fans vote on the one they wanted to see become a real comic.

For round one, they revealed the pitch, but refrained from identifying the creative teams until voting for that round closed. Fans went into round two knowing who would be working on each entry, and here’s how the voting landed:

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Return to Bunn + Crook’s ‘Harrow County’ this July

Dark Horse will publish ‘Tales from Harrow County’ by Bunn and artist Emily Schnall this July.

Writer Cullen Bunn is planning return trip to Harrow County this summer, and he’s inviting you along for the ride.

Along with new artist Emily Schnall, Bunn will return to the world he created with Tyler Crook for a new four-issue series: Tales from Harrow County: Fair Folk.

“It’s been too long since we’ve visited Harrow,” Bunn said. “But I’m so glad that this is the story that will welcome us back! There’s a big world to be explored, and this time around we’re delving into the realm of the fey folk as much as the realm of the haints. We’re going to answer a few questions, too, such as how Bernice dealt with her dear friend Emmy leaving. This time out, we’re joined by Emily Schnall, who fits right in among the good folks of Harrow. I absolutely love her version of these characters, and I think longtime fans of the book will love her work, too!”

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