Marvel reveals who fans chose to join the X-Men

The new X-Men team will debut during the Hellfire Gala event, and will headline their own comic starting in July.

Marvel has revealed the winner of their online X-Men poll, where they asked fans to vote for the final member of the new X-Men team that will debut during the Hellfire Gala storyline. And no, it isn’t Tempo.

If you want to avoid any spoilers, you may want to stop reading now …

The winner is Polaris, who most recently has appeared in X-Factor:

Here are the final results; our choice, Tempo, came in at a respectable #5, given she’s one of the more obscure characters on the list:

1)      Polaris
2)      Banshee
3)      Sunspot
4)      Forge
5)      Tempo
6)      Armor
7)      Boom-Boom
8)      Marrow
9)      Cannonball
10)    Strong Guy

“The X-Men election was an amazing experience for the whole X-Office,” Editor Jordan D. White said. “All the creators and editors had a blast seeing the fan’s incredible response to this first-of-its-kind event and we were right there along with you rooting for our choices. It was the perfect way to kick off the new X-Men title.”

Polaris will join Cyclops, Jean Grey and other as-yet-unrevealed characters on the team in the new X-Men book by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz, which debuts in July.

“Pepe and I are thrilled to have Polaris aboard this year’s X-Men team. Leah and David made her shine in X-Factor, and we’re going to make sure she continues to rock in X-Men,” Duggan promises. “The outline is done and dusted, and every member of the team is going to have their issue not just to be the coolest mutant, but the most important character in the Marvel Universe for one month. Can’t wait for you to join us. Hope you survive the experience.”

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