Jackson Hyde will take center stage in ‘Aquaman: The Becoming’

The second Aqualad will get a six-issue miniseries starting in September.

This article from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Jackson Hyde, a.k.a Aqualad, will get his own miniseries in September titled Aquaman: The Becoming.

It’s tucked into a bigger story about both DC and Marvel’s Pride Month efforts, but THR reveals the creative team — Brandon Thomas and Diego Olortegui, with covers by David Talaski — as well as the first issue’s cover:

cover by David Talaski

No additional details on the new series were announced, but no doubt they’ll be coming in DC’s September solicitations (if not before).

Jackson Hyde made his debut on the Young Justice animated series and his comic book debut in 2010, in the Brightest Day miniseries. He later joined the Teen Titans and was also featured in You Brought Me the Ocean, an LGBTQ+ graphic novel for young adult readers. In both the Young Justice animated series and in DC’s recent Future State event, he’s shown to eventually take up the name of Aquaman.

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