Synchronized swimming: Aquamen unite in a new series from DC

Jackson Hyde, Arthur Curry and the rest of the Aquaman family headline a new ongoing title by Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas, Sami Basri and Adriano Lucas.

When Jackson Hyde took up the mantle of Aquaman in his new series, it begged the question, “So what’s going to happen to Arthur?” The answer: nothing; he’s still around, and in fact the old and new Aquaman will both star in the new title Aquamen.

Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas, Sami Basri and Adriano Lucas will bring us new adventures of the underseas heroes, starting with a conspiracy involving an Atlantean suicide bomber in Middle America.

Main cover by Travis Moore

Here’s the description from DC: When a suicide bomber in Middle America is revealed as an Atlantean sleeper agent seemingly gone rogue, the Aquamen—Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde—are on the case. But it soon becomes clear that the tragedy was not just a single bad actor, but the beginnings of a much larger and more dangerous chain reaction…and the heart of an explosive Atlantean conspiracy! If Arthur’s not careful, the secrets he’s keeping—from Mera, Tula, Tempest, Atlantis, the surface, and even Jackson—could cause a rift from which the Aquamen might never recover!

The first issue, of course, will come with several variant covers, by Nick Robles, Kael Ngu, and Jim Lee with Alex Sinclair:

And here’s a look at some interior art and character designs by Basri:

The new title will launch in February, spinning out of events in the recent Black Manta and Aquaman: The Becoming miniseries, both of which end that same month. Here’s a look at the covers and variants for those final issues:

Aquamen #1 will arrive in stores Feb. 22.

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