Floating World Comics will publish E.S. Glenn’s ‘Unsmooth 2: BUM’ this fall

The prequel to his 2020 graphic novel arrives in September.

The New Yorker cartoonist E.S. Glenn will follow up his 2020 graphic novel, Unsmooth, with its prequel, Unsmooth 2: BUM, in September. And if the preview pages that Floating World Comics provided are any indication, we’re all in for a treat.

Described as “a poetic journey through the human condition,” the graphic novel is populated by poets, prisoners, assassins and artists, and even the author himself. It takes place before the story from the first volume, which focused on a fictional portrayal of E. S. Glenn himself as an artist who entered the criminal underground, and became a petty thief and an assassin.

Here’s the full description of this second volume from the publisher:

E.S. Glenn explores his existential angst in this extraordinary prequel to his debut graphic novel, Unsmooth.

A form busting allegorical fever dream, Unsmooth 2: BUM is a poetic journey through the human condition, featuring a cast of characters who range from poets to prisoners—from assassins, to artists…

The oversized 88 page issue flows seamlessly between reality and metaphor in 8 visually stunning chapters. This standout work proclaims Glenn’s status as a rising star in comics.

Check out a preview below:

The 88-page graphic novel arrives Sept. 8.

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