Nick Spencer’s run on ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ will end with issue #74

The 80-page issue will include artwork by Mark Bagley, Patrick Gleason and more.

Writer Nick Spencer’s final issue of Amazing Spider-Man will be September’s issue #74 — or, if you’re using “legacy” numbering, issue #875.

For his final, 80-page issue, Spencer will work with Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira and other artists who have drawn his run over the last three years. Gleason did the cover art:

“The last three years of Amazing Spider-Man have been Nick Spencer’s love letter to his favorite character and comic,” Editor Nick Lowe told “He may be the biggest Spidey fan ever as evidenced from the fact that he read every Spider-Man comic in preparation for his landmark run.”

The title of this final story is “What Cost Victory.” Marvel didn’t reveal any further details on the contents, but they did say to expect news on “the next era of Spider-Man” next week.

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