Marvel Unlimited rolls out new features, exclusive comics

Marvel announces new ‘vertical comics’ from Jonathan Hickman, Declan Shalvey, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Kaare Andrews and more that debut today on Marvel Unlimited.

After some teasers this week for their Marvel Unlimited app, Marvel has announced several enhancements for the digital comics subscription service, including the addition of new, exclusive comics under the banner “Infinity Comics.”

Other changes they announced include:

  • A streamlined design.
  • “Enhanced curation” and personalization, which will help recommend comics to read based on your reading habits.
  • The ability to follow your favorite series, stories and characters.
  • Unlimited downloads, for on-the-go reading.

Probably the biggest headline here, and a likely draw for those who don’t use the service, is the addition of exclusive titles. Starting today, Marvel has added 27 new issues, with plans to have 100 issues added by the end of the year. Those titles include X-Men Unlimited, a new series featuring a rotating cast of Krakoa’s mutants that kicks off with a Wolverine story by Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey. Here’s a preview:

These stories are being made with mobile in mind — “vertical stories,” as Marvel is calling them, like what you’d find on Tapas or Webtoon.

“When [series editor] Jordan White contacted me about this project, I could see the potential to experiment with how to tell a story and that was very intriguing,” Shalvey told “By coloring and arranging the vertical flow of the panels, it’s offered a level of innovation and control I hadn’t previously experienced, which has been both uniquely challenging and satisfying.”

“Declan and I were pretty obsessive about stressing what we can do within the [Infinity] format and we think X-fans will be happy with the result,” Hickman said. “Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m always up for trying out new ways to make stories, and this turned out to be a very interesting format.”

Other new series include:

It’s Jeff by Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru

Jeff is many things: a Land Shark. Deadpool’s (maybe) best friend. Your new favorite Marvel hero. Follow Jeff the Land Shark weekly as he takes the Marvel Universe by storm (and sea) in a new series by fan-favorite creators Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru! 

From snow days, tulip fields, to Thanksgiving feasts—Jeff the Land Shark has his own series chock full of adventures and is here to stay! Read issues #1 and #2 of IT’S JEFF on the MU app!

Giant-Size Little Marvels by Skottie Young and Dax Gordine

Creators Skottie Young and Dax Gordine present GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVELS! Join your favorite Marvel heroes (and maybe a few villains!) at their littlest bests as they star in weekly adventures that span the Marvel Universe.

Issues #1 and #2 are available to read today, starring Giant-Sized Little Marvel Iron Man and Captain America! Who else is set to make an appearance? Get ready for Doom (and gloom) and a Rocket in space!

Captain America by Jay Edidin and Nico leon


Captain America: Steve Rogers has one mission: To save liberty against a racing clock. A violent group has taken possession of the Liberty Bell—and demanded an audience with America’s Sentinel of Liberty! Creators Jay Edidin and Nico Leon present this thriller that pushes Steve Rogers to the outer limits of his resolve.

Read issues #1 and #2 now!

Shang-Chi by Alyssa Wong and Nathan Stockman

Shang-Chi. White Fox. Marvel’s greatest fighter teams with Ami Han, spy and Super Hero, to combat a deadly poison that has been unleashed across the world. Can Shang-Chi and his partner in crimefighting stop this evil at its source before it’s too late? STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA writer Alyssa Wong pairs with artist Nathan Stockman on this breakneck run.

The complete arc, issues #1-4, are available to read right now.


A prequel to the upcoming AMAZING FANTASY series by creator Kaare Andrews! Years ago, in a moment of contemplation, Wolverine is set upon and ushered into a journey of AMAZING FANTASY! The past catches up in spectacular fashion as Wolverine stares down demons, old loves, and monsters old and new.

Black Widow

The Black Widow and Hawkeye star in “Easter Egg Hunt!” You know Natasha Romanoff as the world’s greatest super-spy—cold, calculating, and efficient. But what happens when a mission gets personal? Discover an untold piece of the Romanoff legend in this Infinity Comics one-shot!

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

Starring Mary Jane Watson! With her circle of friends and recent relationship left in disrepair, MJ is on the market once again! But who will she choose to be the next object of her affections: Peter Parker, her bookish-but-sweet tutor and newly-minted friend—or that dangerous, exciting crimefighter in red and blue tights, Spider-Man?


The revamped origins of your favorite Marvel heroes including Spider-Man: Peter Parker, Venom, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Black Panther, Moon Girl, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Gwen! Writer Robbie Thompson and a cast of exceptional artists offer these character starting points for new readers!

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