‘Shadows of the Bat’ will follow ‘Fear State’

DC Comics reveals more details on Mariko Tamaki and Ivan Reis’s ‘Detective Comics’ story that kicks off in January.

Although Fear State is just getting underway in the Batman titles, DC has already announced a story line that will follow in its wake, beginning in January — “Shadows of the Bat.”

The 12-week event will run though Detective Comics, beginning with a “prelude” story in the 2021 annual, which comes out in November. Then, in January, the story will continue in Detective Comics #1047 by Mariko Tamaki, Ivan Reis and Danny Miki.

cover by Irvin Rodriguez

Here’s the description from DC: Out of the ashes of Arkham Asylum, Arkham Tower rises in Gotham City… but the tower soon falls to the inmates and Batman’s allies are drawn back into the madness at the heart of Gotham, and the plans of the mysterious Dr. Wear.

In addition, Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco will provide a back-up story during the event that “explores Arkham’s dark history.”

Here’s a look at some of the interior art:

And then there are several variant covers, by Lee Bermejo, Jorge Fornés  and Simone Di Meo:

Detective Comics #1047 comes out Jan. 4. Oh, and bonus: here’s a look at the covers for issue #1048:

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