Victor Santos launches ‘Ginger Revenges’ through Substack

The free webcomic will be available a page at a time through his newsletter.

Victor Santos, known for projects like Polar, Moon Eaters, Paranoia Killer and more, will syndicate a new comic through his Substack newsletter, the creator revealed.

Ginger Revenges is about a teenager who seeks vengeance against her gangster dad after her mom dies. Santos says he plans to post one page per month, but that each page will have “a lot of panels, like a digital modern version of the Sunday Pages from the old American newspapers.”

Here’s the description: Ginger Lewis’ mother has passed away after a long illness. When Ginger was only a baby, she and her mother were abandoned by her father, a low-life thug called Dennis Russell. Russell is now a successful crime lord and he is married again, but he never helped his former family. And Ginger blames him for her mom’s death. Dennis Russell is going to discover that nothing is more dangerous than the rage of a teen girl.

While Santos says it could eventually be published in print, right now he’s just having fun making it.

“Maybe I will try to release it with a publisher later, maybe this is going to be a test for a more complex and longer webcomic for paid subscribers,” he said. “You can support the webcomic by buying other of my books (I will paste some banners of my published work at the end of the pages). But right now I’m not sure how this experiment will be published ‘physically’ in the future, I’m simply enjoying making something without thinking about anything except having fun.”

You can subscribe to Santos’ newsletter here. You can find more creator newsletters by visiting our comics newsletter directory.

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