Mail Call | Doctor Strange journeys to the ‘Nexus of Nightmares’ in April

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Although Doctor Strange might currently be dead in the Marvel Universe, Marvel still has stories to tell about Stephen Strange’s past. April brings not only rain this year, but also Doctor Strange: Nexus of Nightmares, by Marvel veteran Ralph Macchio and artist Ibrahim Mostafa.

The one-shot will feature the Sorcerer Supreme taking on Nightmare and Baron Mordo, as they attempt to use Strange’s own nightmares against him. The one-shot comes out April 20, with a cover by Todd Nauck.

Bendis will wrap up his Justice League run with issue #74

In the same newsletter where he revealed he’s been working with HBO Max on a Legion of Super-Heroes TV show, writer Brian Michael Bendis talks about his final Justice League storyline, “Lords of Chaos,” which runs through issues #72-74.

First, the storyline will follow the Justice League Annual 2022, which was pushed back to next month. It will feature OMAC, Wonder Woman and artwork by Sanford Greene. He said it also ties into the upcoming Justice League/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover he’s working on.

As for the regular series, he said to expect three double-sized issues for #72-74.

“… for our wrap up, from Justice League 72 to 74, you’re getting a different kind of Justice League book,” he said. “For the last couple of years there’s been a main Justice League story with a Justice League Dark back up by another team. Instead, in 72 to 74, you’re getting THREE DOUBLE SIZED ISSUES IN A ROW that compile a giant JUSTICE LEAGUE/JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK CROSSOVER EVENT illustrated by the really talented Emanuela Lupacchino and Szymon Kudranski.”

DC announces Batman: Killing Time

Tom King, who is currently writing Batman/Catwoman, has another Batman project on the wayBatman: Killing Time with artists David Marquez and Alejandro Sánchez. The six-issue miniseries will feature Catwoman, the Riddler and the Penguin working together to pull off robbing Bruce Wayne. The first issue arrives in March.

Trial of The Amazons begins in March

Also coming in March is the previously announced Trial of the Amazons crossover event. It will bring together Wonder Woman, Nubia & the AmazonsWonder Girl and more, in a story by the writers of all those titles. The story revolves around Doom’s Doorway:

“…the dangers of Doom’s Doorway have found their way to Man’s World and garnered the attention of not one, but all three Amazonian tribes. The Bana-Mighdall consider it to be a sign of weakness in the current regime and have decided to return to the shores of Themyscira to stake their claim over the island. Little do they know, the Esquecida are not far behind, looking for help to combat the evil unleashed. Tempers rise and swords are brandished as the women argue about the best course of action—leading to one of the most famous Amazon traditions: the Contest.”

Weird Love Tales is now Strange Love Adventures

DC has announced a title change and the contents for their Valentine’s Day anthology, which is now called Strange Love Adventures. They also revealed a variant cover by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts. Here’s a look at the table of contents; the anthology arrives Feb. 8:

Radiant Red gets a spinoff mini in March

Radiant Red, a character introduced in Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Radiant Black #6, will get a spinoff miniseries in March by Cherish Chen, David Lafuente and Miquel Muerto. The five-issue series will expand the character’s back story and debuts March 16.

Speaking of Higgins, he just teased a whole bunch of artwork for upcoming projects in his Substack newsletter, for current and unannounced projects.

Lemire teases two new projects on Substack

To kick off 2022, Jeff Lemire sent his subscribers an overview of several projects he has coming out this year, including the previously announced Little Monsters and Bone Orchard Mythos, as well as an untitled ongoing series with artist Gabriel Walta and a new Black Hammer series with Dean Ormston starring Madame Dragonfly.

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