DC announces ‘Trial of the Amazons’

The Wonder Woman-centric event brings conflict between the various tribes of the Amazons.

During today’s DC FanDome event, DC announced a “massive crossover event” featuring Wonder Woman and her family of titles, titled Trial of the Amazons for 2022.

The event will feature a power struggle between Amazon tribes, and will include Wonder Woman, Nubia, Yara Flor and Queen Hippolyta.

Here’s the description from DC:

On the comics front, next year will see a massive crossover event that will affect the future of the Amazons—Trial of the Amazons. In this event, which will affect all corners of Wonder Woman’s world, Diana and Queen Hippolyta leave Nubia to lead the Amazons of Themyscira. In the process, Yara Flor, aka Wonder Girl, and Nubia find themselves in the heart of a power struggle that will redefine the future of all the Amazonian tribes!

Writers on the event series include many who are chronicling the adventures of Wonder Women (and Wonder Girls): Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Vita Ayala, Stephanie Williams, Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire. The first hint of the action will come next week with Nubia & The Amazons #1.

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