Humanoids will preview ‘The Incal Universe’ on Free Comic Book Day

Mark Russell, Yanick Paquette, Pete Woods and more will contribute new stories based on ‘The Incal.’

Humanoids’ Free Comic Book Day offering for 2022 will preview an ambitious new graphic novel line based on The Incal, the classic graphic novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius.

“Four decades after its publication, the world of The Incal remains a shock to the system and a transcendent work,” said Humanoids CEO Fabrice Giger. “This new Incal Universe project, to which Alejandro Jodorowsky has given his blessing, will open the door for a new generation of readers to discover all new adventures featuring John Difool, the Metabaron, Kill Wolfhead and the Incal.”

The comic will feature the first three graphic novels in the Incal Universe: Psychoverse by Mark Russell and Yanick Paquette; Dying Star by Dan Watters and Jon Davis-Hunt; and Kill Wolfhead by Brandon Thomas and Pete Woods.

“The world of the Incal, the Matterverse, is full of strange technology, astonishing worlds, and extraordinary creations,” said Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid. “The Incal Universe titles are designed to drop readers into this universe, just like John Difool was once, in the opening pages of The Incal.”

The Incal, first published in French in 1980, tells the story of John Difool, a low-class detective in a degenerate dystopian world who discovers an artifact called “The Incal” that brings him into conflict with the galaxy’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, as well as the Technopope, as he attempts to save the universe. Humanoids released a deluxe, oversized black and white edition of The Incal just this week.

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