Milestone’s ‘Blood Syndicate’ returns in May

Geoffrey Thorne, ChrisCross and Juan Castro bring Wise Son, Holocaust, Tech-9 and more back to Dakota later this year.

The Blood Syndicate miniseries announced at last year’s FanDome event now has a creative team and a release date. Geoffrey Thorne, ChrisCross and Juan Castro will bring Tech-9, Wise Son and Fade back to Paris Island and the Dakotaverse this May for a six-issue series.

“Making Blood Syndicate the fourth pillar of this new Dakotaverse was just a matter of time,” said Milestone’s Reggie Hudlin. “Holocaust’s recruitment of ‘Bang Babies’ in Static Season One was a big hint that we’d eventually address the impact of the ‘Big Bang’ on Paris Island. Landing Geoffrey Thorne and CHRISCROSS as writer and artists for the series was pretty much the icing on the cake; they’re the perfect team for telling this story.”

cover by Dexter Soy

Here’s the description from DC:

This new incarnation reunites original Blood Syndicate members Tech-9, Wise Son and Fade—and returns them to Paris Island, Dakota’s densest and most impoverished borough, and the one hit hardest by the sickness, death, superpowers, and social upheavals of the Big Bang. Both Wise Son and Tech-9 have returned from their military tours in Afghanistan to a Dakota that’s far different from the one they left. While Icon and Rocket have been cleaning up the streets of drug traffic, other “Bang Babies” have been forming rival gang factions. At the same time, Holocaust has been doing some recruiting of his own, gathering a super-powered army to rule Paris Island with an iron fist. As he gains more and more influence, who’s looking out for the people when the other Dakota heroes aren’t around? And what secrets are Wise Son and Tech-9 hiding from their time overseas? When the battle lines get drawn through their neighborhoods, who of the many superpowered individuals on Paris Island will rise up to fight back for their turf—and who will fight for a chance at power far beyond the block?

Here’s a look at some character designs by ChrisCross and Wil Quintana:

Look for the first issue on May 10.

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