Gedeon + Johnson turn the Justice League into dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic League’

DC’s flagship team gets prehistoric in this new miniseries from Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon.

If you thought 1999’s JLApe was the height of majesty for DC Comics, think again — Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon are teaming up for Jurassic League, which will feature the familiar team as dinosaurs.

Jurassic League is all I want to draw: dinos and epic fights,” Gedeon said. “My own version of a ’90s cartoon or video game. Expect a story about survival, unity and hope where the strong protect the weak in a world where danger lurks in every corner.”

Johnson and Gedeon are co-writing the six-issue miniseries, with Gedeon providing interior art and Johnson doing the covers. In it, Wonder Woman is a triceratops, the Joker is a dilophosaurus, Batman is an allosaurus and Superman is a brachiosaurus.

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‘Only the Savage will survive’ in Pepose + Magno’s ‘Savage Avengers’

A new team led by Conan the Barbarian takes on an evil Deathlok in the series, which debuts in May.

The Savage Avengers will return in May with an eclectic line-up and a new creative team, as David Pepose and Carlos Magno pit Conan and a new team of “loners, berserkers and killers” against an evil Deathlok cyborg.

Joining Conan on this time trek are Anti-Venom, Black Knight, Cloak & Dagger, Weapon H and Daredevil — aka the assassin formerly known as Elektra.

Pepose, whose credits include Scout’s Honor, Going to the Chapel and The O.Z., makes his Marvel debut on the title.

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Smash Pages Q&A: The ‘Mañana’ anthology interview

Alberto Rayo, Maddi Gonzalez and Tristan J. Tarwater discuss the stories they helped create for ‘Mañana: Latinx Comics From The 25th Century.’

Power & Magic Press run by Joamette Gil has put out a series of exceptional anthologies in recent years, including Heartwood, Immortal Souls and The Queer Witch. Their most recent book – and arguably their best anthology to date – is Mañana: Latinx Comics From The 25th Century, which came out at the end of 2021 in both Spanish and English language editions. The book, edited by Gil, features 27 stories that are set in Latin America in the 2490s, or in the diaspora among other planets. It features an incredible lineup of talent, including Julio Anta, Terry Blas, Kat Fajardo, Jamila Rowser, H. Pueyo and Dante Luiz.

The anthology offers a wide variety of stories, styles and approaches that are realistic and poetic, set on Earth and much further afield, small stories and large. They are stories of survival, of continuance, of possibility, of transformation, of community. They are stories of hope. As Gil wrote in the book’s introduction, “Mañana presents dozens of possible futures, with one thing in common: we’re still here. El futuro es nuestro.”

I had the chance to speak with three of the creators involved in the book. Alberto Rayo wrote “A Dream of a Thousand Stars,” which was drawn by Sebastian Carrillo. Maddi Gonzalez drew “A Little Esperanza,” which was written by Jamila Rowser, and Tristan J. Tarwater wrote “Bats and Fish,” which was drawn by Molly Mendoza. The three were kind enough to speak about their work and the possibilities of the future.

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Archies collide when ‘Archie Meets Riverdale’ in May

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy will bring the different versions of Archie and the gang together in a new one-shot.

Two versions of Archie Andrews will meet in May when the happy, fun comics version of Archie meets the dark,broody Archie from TV’s Riverdale.

The new one-shot by writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy will arrive in stores in May.

“Some of the best fun we have here at Archie Comics is when we take two wildly different concepts and jam them together and watch the chaos unfold afterwards,” said Mike Pellerito, Archie Comics’ new editor-in-chief/president. “The cult classic Archie Meets Punisher’ crossover from the 90s is a great example of taking two things that couldn’t be further apart in terms of tone and delivering a story that stands the test of time while holding true to both franchises.”

That’s certainly true; Archie has turned into one of the most flexible characters when it comes to crossovers or simply re-imagining the concepts, whether you’re talking about The CW’s Riverdale, the Archie Horror line or the countless crossovers with everyone from the Punisher to Predator to KISS.

“When the idea of doing a crossover between the classic versions of the Archie Comics characters with the gritty and dramatic Riverdale versions first came up, we knew we had to get someone with a great appreciation for both takes that could deliver everything we were looking for,” Pellerito said. “We’re so thrilled to have Daniel Kibblesmith on board, and together with Archie veterans Pat and Tim Kennedy, they’ve put together a story that is an absolute must-have for all Archie Comics and Riverdale fans!”

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