Ramón K Pérez seeks to crowdfund ‘Kukuburi: A Cotton Candy World’

First posted online as a webcomic back in 2007, the co-creator of ‘Stillwater’ seeks your support to finish the story.

Transmission-X was a webcomics collective that was active about 15 years ago and featured webcomics by Michael Cho, Scott Hepburn, Karl Kerschl, Ramón K Pérez and several others who would go on to form RAID Press. Now Pérez is looking to crowdfund a graphic novel collection of his webcomic from the time, Kukuburi.

Kukuburi: A Cotton Candy World collects the story in print, along with 40 extra pages. It’s the first volume in a planned series from the artist of Stillwater and Tales of Sand, who hopes to produce a volume of it every year.

Here’s the description from the press release: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Little Nemo in Slumberland, the comic includes a cast of quirky and curious characters: Mr. Bojangles, a chameleon with a right proper British accent; Rendo, a French quadropus wearing a bowler hat jauntily tipped to the side; Dado, the Spanish spider-pilot of a creamsicle-coloured battle whale; Mr. Bones, the skinless antagonist whose spirit and wardrobe channel an ‘80s Miami Vice villain; and Nadia, the spunky protagonist, who stumbles headfirst into their topsy-turvy world.

The project has already surpassed its fundraising goal in a few short hours, so at this point your support is pretty much a pre-order. For a $15 pledge, you can get a digital copy of the collection, while a softcover will cost you $30. There’s also a hardcover for $50. Other tiers offer signed and sketch editions, as well as a bundle of RAID Press titles.

The crowdfunding campaign ends June 16. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details.

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