Starring in own miniseries, Yoda is

The 10-issue series will chronicle key moments in the Jedi master’s life..

Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim has brought news that Lucasfilm and Marvel plans to publish a 10-issue series about the life of Yoda.

The comic will be told in three arcs by writers Cavan Scott, Jody Houser and Marc Guggenheim and artists Nico Leon, Luke Ross and Alessandro Miracolo. It’ll be set moments before Yoda’s first appearance in Empire Strikes Back, as the ancient Jedi master reflects on key moments in his life before he meets Luke Skywalker.

The first arc, by Scott, will be set during The High Republic era, with subsequent stories set during the prequels.

“He’s more open in the past, less haunted with what he sees as his mistakes, mistakes that have cost the galaxy greatly,” Scott said when comparing Yoda in The High Republic era to Yoda in Empire. “He is more dogmatic than ever with Luke, convinced that his way is the only way, even willing to sacrifice Leia and Han if it means defeating the Emperor and Vader. There’s a harshness there that we don’t see before, a harshness forged in war, but underneath all that, the wisdom still shines through. Thankfully, that wisdom I think leads him to accept that he can still learn things from his last apprentice. He was right, Luke wasn’t ready to face Vader physically or in matters of the Force, but Luke did save his friends and ultimately made the right choice further down the line, throwing away his lightsaber instead of using it in anger. I [would] argue that if Luke had listened to Yoda and Obi-Wan and stayed on Dagobah to complete his training, the outcome would have been far, far worse.”

The first issue arrives in October.

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