Love, Marvel Style, arrives on Infinity Comics

A new line-up of romance comics debut on the Marvel Unlimited app, with the first story featuring Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger.

Love is in the app — the Marvel Unlimited app — as Marvel announces a new line of Infinity Comics featuring Ms. Marvel, Red Dagger, Viv Vision, Wolverine and more, as they look for romance in all the right places. Love Unlimited kicked off last week.

The first comic features Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger, whose chemistry is “off the scale” in a new comic by Nadia Shammas, Natacha Bustos and Ian Herring.

“This [arc] puts Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger in each other’s paths while trying to chase down the same villain,” Shammas said. “The last time they saw each other, things ended awkwardly and were unresolved. That tension, that push-pull, is totally the heart of this dynamic. Will they deny the feelings that are already there? Can they make that final leap? Read to find out.”

The Ms/ Marvel/Red Dagger story will run for six weeks. Future Love Unlimited comics include:

  • Viv Vision by Marieke Nijkamp and Federico Sabbatini
  • Millie the Spy by Stephanie Phillips and Nick Roche, in a story that features Millie the Model
  • X Loves of Wolverine by Sean Kelley McKeever and Diogenes Neves
  • Hulkling and Wiccan, which continues the previous Infinity Comic by Josh Trujillo and tokitokoro

The stories are available to subscribers of the Marvel Unlimited app. Marvel has doubled down on their own digital offerings through the app, adding scroll-able, mobile friendly stories similar to what you’d find on Webtoon. This month also saw the launch of their Marvel’s Voice anthology on the app, with a new story featuring Iceman.

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