Dark Horse will collect Justin Madson’s ‘Breathers’

The nine-issue series originally published by It’s Alive! lives again next year.

Dark Horse Comics will collect Tin Man creator Justin Madson‘s nine-issue series Breathers into a trade paperback next year. The series is currently published by Drew Ford’s It’s Alive! Press, which is crowdfunding the seventh issue now.

“Long before the word ‘pandemic’ became a part of our daily conversation, I started work on Breathers, a story set in a world where the air was deadly to breathe, so everyone had to wear gas masks when they went outside,” Madson said. “Wearing these ‘breathers’ was an accepted part of life since, really, there was no other option. It seemed like a bit of a far-fetched idea at the time, but, as recent years have shown, I was not too far off. I am thrilled to be working with It’S Alive! and Dark Horse to bring my dystopian tale, Breathers, to a wider audience.”

Here’s the description of the story from Dark Horse: Follow the lives of a small cast of survivors as they struggle to keep going in a world where the air is fatal. A detective battles not only the deadly air, but his own demons; a lost pair of siblings question the supposed apocalypse; a mother and daughter fight tooth and nail to stay together; and a salesman peddles breathing masks, trying to do some good to make up for the sins of his past. They are all survivors—they are all Breathers.

The collection will be released on Feb. 22 of next year.

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