Mad Cave announces three new titles for late 2022

Cullen Bunn, Andrea Mutti, Zac Thompson, Bayleigh Underwood, Joe Corallo, Andrea Milana and more will create new comics this Fall.

Mad Cave Studios has announced three new titles that will arrive in stores at the end of the year.

First up will be A Legacy of Violence, a 12-issue horror/mystery series by Cullen Bunn and Andrea Mutti in October, followed by Nature’s Labyrinth by Zac Thompson and Bayleigh Underwood In November. Then December brings Dahlia In The Dark by Joe Corallo and Andrea Milana.

Here’s a look at the three titles:

A Legacy of Violence

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Letterer: Rus Wooton

When Dr. Nicholas Shaw joins a humanitarian medical outfit in Honduras, he hopes to recover from a recent traumatic event and actually help those in need. But something sinister has followed Dr. Shaw, something that wants to put his medical skills to ghastly tests, something connected to the young doctor’s past… and to untold horrors that occurred long before he was born.

Coming in October 2022


Writer: Zac Thompson
Artist: Bayleigh Underwood
Colorist: Warnia K. Sahadewa
Letterer: Rus Wooton

In the middle of the ocean lies a remote island complex lined with traps and an ever-changing landscape. The island was designed by a mysterious man known only as “Ahab” to test the will of the world’s most notorious criminals. Eight violent felons fight to the death over three days of relentless action in a Battle Royale-style game. The winner receives a wealth of riches and complete anonymity…but at the cost of keeping their silence about the island’s existence. What Ahab doesn’t know is that someone has infiltrated his game to reveal the truth about Nature’s Labyrinth. From writer Zac Thompson (Yondu, The Brother of All Men, Undone by Blood) and Bayleigh Underwood (It Took Luke, The Sixth Borough).

Coming in November 2022


Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Andrea Milana
Letterer: Micah Myers
Cover Artist: Chris Shehan

Donny Dahlia is hired to deliver a package from Pennsylvania to New Mexico. What he doesn’t know is that the package is a dangerous magical creature, Maya Luna, and she is the future queen of a Fairy world that has remained hidden until now. Donny and his gang will be caught in the middle of a supernatural war between the changelings and the fairies. A conflict that has been brewing in the shadows for centuries.

Coming in December 2022

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