Three Things | Faith Erin Hicks, Dark Side of Purity, Erica Henderson

Here are three things to read, to support and to buy today.

1. To Read: Faith Erin Hicks’ comic on, well, everything

Faith Erin Hicks is the creator of the upcoming graphic novel Ride On, as well as One Year at Ellsmere, The Nameless City trilogy, Friends with Boys and many more. In between her graphic novel work she created a short comic to express her frustrations with everything going on in the world right now and the feelings of powerlessness it brings:

2. To Support: The Dark Side of Purity anthology on Kickstarter

Band of Bards Comics is currently crowdfunding a project that includes two books — a collection of comics/graphic poetry, and a collection of prose and poetry.

“These works come from a stand out team of women and non-binary creators from all corners of literature,” the project page reads. “Inside these pages and panels you will find many different points of view on the traditional values of ‘purity,’ ‘chastity,’ and ‘womanliness.’ These stories and poems shine a light on how society has used Purity Culture as a means of control, and how these creators feel about it. You’ll hear many different voices all lashing out against these tools of oppression and suppression.” 

covers by Heather Vaughan

You can find a complete list of the creators involved as well the rewards on the Kickstarter page. While any money they raise through the Kickstarter will go toward making and publishing the books, they plan to donate future, non-crowdfunded proceeds from the project to NARAL.

3. To Buy: Erica Henderson’s Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind T-shirt

Artist Erica Henderson of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Assassin Nation fame is raising money for the Center for Reproductive Rights through the sale of a new T-shirt on her Threadless site.

The shirt is a reference to the 1896 painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme that in more recent times has become a meme. You can have it put on a variety of shirts and other items via the magic of Threadless.

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