Three Count | Keith Knight, TCAF panels, Joe Latham

Here are three things in comics to to buy, to listen to and to support today.

1. To Buy: Good On Both Sides by Keith Knight

Gentleman Cartoonist Keith Knight, creator of The K Chronicles and the inspiration for the Hulu series Woke, has a new collection of his (th)ink comic strip available through his Big Cartel shop. He’s offering both a standard edition and an artist’s edition (which is signed, numbered and includes a doodle) of Good on Both Sides. Both have fairly limited print runs, so buy early and often.

2. To Listen: Panel recordings from TCAF

Comics journalist and former Eisner judge Jamie Coville has been recording panels (with the participants’ permission) and taking photos at comic conventions for years now, with an archive that goes back about two decades at this point. Although he went on hiatus for a couple years thanks to the pandemic, he’s back with a new batch from the most recent Toronto Comic Arts Festival. You can find them here. Coville also has a report up on the show on his blog.

3. To Support: Lustration & Other Stories by Joe Latham

OK, so I’m one of those people who has, like, 50 different tabs open in their browser at any given time. And sometimes, well … things can get lost. I’ve had this Kickstarter project by Joe Latham for his new book Lustration & Other Stories open for awhile, along with his website, which features a ton of lovely artwork.

“I want to make comics with cute critters that people care about,” he said in a tweet. And he’s definitely got the “cute critters” part down, and if you check out the preview art on the Kickstarter page, he seems to have the “care about” part figured out as well. There are only five days left for the project (which is already fully funded), so be sure to check it out this weekend. A digital copy can be yours for about $5.

[And I’m sorry I didn’t post this sooner; I’m going to close some of those open tabs now].

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