Three Count | Major Sun, SDCC panels, Sequential Scholars

Here are three things to support, to listen to and to follow in comics today.

1. To vote for: Major Sun on Webtoon

Webtoon is currently running a Call to Action contest, where various creators compete for a spot on the site — as well as for cash and other prizes. The submission period will end July 31, and then voting will take place throughout the month of August.

And wow, are there a lot of submissions — more than 100 pages, with 20 submissions per page. I of course would encourage you first to find one you like to support, as these things should be, but I couldn’t help but note that one of my favorite webcomics cartoonists has entered the fray.

Caanan Grall, creator of Max Overacts and the Zuda (remember Zuda?) strip Celadore (so he’s been in competitions like this before) has entered a new strip called Major Sun. It’s about a girl who discovers her grandfather was actually the superhero she used to read comics about, and … well, that causes a lot of fun weirdness in the sample strip Grall has created. Go check it out for yourself.

2. To listen to: SDCC recorded panels

Comics journalist and former Eisner judge Jamie Coville, who I mentioned here about a month ago when he shared panel recordings from TCAF, is back from San Diego with another round of panel recordings and photos from Comic-Con International, including a bunch of cosplay and creator photos. And for ablast from the past, be sure to check out his an archive, which goes back about two decades.

3. To follow: Sequential Scholars

Sequential Scholars is a Twitter feed run by comics scholar Anna Peppard and the folks behind The Claremont Run, which offered analysis and thoughts on Chris Claremont’s run on Uncanny X-Men. In fact, if you enjoyed that feed, you’ll probably like this one, as they take a deep dive into Tom King and Gabriel Hernández Walta’s Vision series. Go follow them for some insightful commentary on the landmark series.

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