Marvel announces ‘Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise’

Tradd Moore writes and draws a new miniseries this fall featuring the sorcerer supreme.

Tradd Moore, creator of Silver Surfer Black and artist of Luther Strode, will bring his unique style to a new miniseries featuring Doctor Strange.

Written and drawn by Moore, Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 is a four-issue miniseries, which will feature wraparound covers by Moore:

Here’s the description from Marvel

In this series, Doctor Strange awakens alone in a distant world not his own. Lost of purpose and surrounded by danger, the wandering sorcerer must explore this land of blades and mystery to unravel arcane secrets and escape the deadly horrors that lie in wait! From the fantastical mind of creator Tradd Moore comes a Strange story like you’ve never seen!

The first issue arrives in November.

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