South Korean superteam Tiger Division leaps into its own miniseries

Emily Kim and Creees Lee will chronicle new adventures for the team starting in November.

Following their introduction last year in Black Cat and Taskmaster, South Korean superheroes Tiger Division will debut in their own miniseries later this year. The five-issue series will be written by Emily Kim and drawn by Creees Lee.  

“I’m so excited to be launching Tiger Division’s first limited series,” Kim said. “As a lifelong fan of comics, I never thought I’d get the chance to write for an all-Korean group. Hopefully it’s not the last and there will be many more Tiger Division stories to come.”

The team is led by White Fox, who has appeared in several Marvel series over the last couple of years, and their line-up includes:

  • Cryokinetic pop superstar Luna Snow.
  • Taegukgi, the patriotic powerhouse with a heart of gold.
  • Lady Bright, a card-wielding and mysterious sorceress.
  • Mr. Enigma, a street-brawling demigod.
  • The General, a living totem.
  • And Gun-R II, an android with an attitude.

The miniseries kicks off on Nov. 2.

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