2023 Free Comic Book Day gold titles include Spider-Man, Fishflies, Dog Man and more

The first 13 titles include selections from Marvel, BOOM!, IDW, Image, Dark Horse and more.

Diamond has announced the first round of Free Comic Book Day titles for 2023. The “gold sponsor” titles for next year will include comics from Marvel, Dark Horse, AfterShock, Image, VIZ, Kodansha, Archie, BOOM!, Graphix, IDW, Titan and Dynamite, for a total of 13 titles, as Marvel will have two gold level books.

“This year’s lineup of titles has something for every kind of comic fan,” said Ashton Greenwood, Free Comic Book Day spokesperson. “We’re looking forward to another great year celebrating comic books and comic book shops, and we think this year’s lineup gives fans a lot to be excited about!”

The rest of the batch — otherwise known as the silver sponsor titles — will be announced later this week. Free Comic Book Day is scheduled for May 6, 2023.

Here’s a look at each gold-level title:

AfterShock Comics | SEISMIC STORIES

Get a first look at the all new original graphic novel that explores what happens when a ragtag group of teens accidentally release an unknown darkness from an abandoned house. 


This Free Comic Book Day special aims to get to the bottom of why and how Riverdale has been such a hotbed of cruel monsters, unusual events, and terrifying tales. 


This bold new take on the Power Rangers mythology is the start of an epic saga perfect for longtime Rangers fans and new readers! 


In The Umbrella Academy, the superpowered siblings must stave off a universe-shattering cosmic horror. In The Witcher, Geralt set outs to uncover why women are turning into frogs. 

Dynamite Entertainment | RED SONJA: SHE-DEVIL WITH A SWORD #0

Dynamite is celebrating Red Sonja’s landmark 50th anniversary on Free Comic Book Day with an exclusive, brand new Red Sonja adventure. 


Celebrate 25 ½ years of all ages hijinks with Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters Dog Man, Captain Underpants, Petey the Cat, and more! 

IDW Publishing | STAR TREK 

This Free Comic Book Day special serves as the exclusive prelude to IDW’s very first Star Trek summer crossover event. 

Image Comics | FISHFLIES #1

The newest series from Eisner Award-winning creator Jeff Lemire. When a child running away from home befriends a monster, she sets off a chain of strange events and bad omens.  

Jeff Lemire shared more details on his plans for Fishflies earlier this month, as he prepares to launch the Substack comic in print.

Kodansha Comics | ALL AGES GOLD SAMPLER 

Get a sneak preview of the manga adaptation of a worldwide Netflix hit, which will be announced at AnimeNYC, plus a back up story of the adorable, all-ages manga, Lovely Muco! 


With the dangerous Meridius readying for war, the stage is set for catastrophe, and this year’s Free Comic Book Day will mark the beginning and end of the symbiotes.


This issue features a pair of all-new stories that set the stage for the next evolution in mutant adventures, Fall of X. It also introduces an uncanny new lineup for a new team book launching next year. 

Marvel revealed their full line-up on FCBD titles earlier this month.


This Free Comic Book Day special focuses on a young Conan, as he dreams of a life of adventures and envisions all of the future journeys that he will eventually encounter throughout his fabled career. 

Titan sent out a press release today with some additional details on this title:

This FCBD edition of Conan the Barbarian (available at comic book retailers on May 6, 2023) kicks off the brand-new ongoing comic, beginning July 2023. Conan the Barbarian, will be written by acclaimed and long-time Conan comic book scribe Jim Zub (Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers), and will feature the stunning art of Roberto De La Torre (King-Size Conan, Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D) and colorist José Villarrubia (Promethea, Sweet Tooth, Cuba: My Revolution). 

Readers will experience the legendary Conan like never before in this comic shop exclusive primer. On the eve of his first major battle, young Conan of Cimmeria pictures a life beyond the borders of his homeland and yearns for a life undreamt of in his small village. Visions of future allies and unspeakable evils he will eventually encounter throughout his fabled career fill his mind as he takes his first fateful steps toward a life of great adventure in the Hyborian Age!


In Choujin X, two inseparable best friends are attacked by a superhuman mutant, leaving one of them to transform into a Choujin. In Rooster Fighter, a determined rooster fights to save humanity from roaming monsters. 

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