Jeff Lemire reveals future plans for ‘Black Hammer,’ ‘Bone Orchard Mythos’ + more

The prolific creator also revealed print plans for ‘Fishflies’ and a few new projects to look forward to.

Jeff Lemire has proven to be one of the most prolific comic creators in recent years, and it looks like he has no intention of slowing down. In two different posts to his Tales from the Farm Substack newsletter, Lemire revealed his upcoming plans for The Bone Orchard Mythos, his ambitious publishing initiative with Andrea Sorrentino, as well as projects like Black Hammer, Fishflies, Royal City and more.

Lemire and Sorrentino announced The Bone Orchard Mythos last fall, and their plans include publishing multiple original horror graphic novels and miniseries under the Bone Orchard Mythos banner through Image Comics. Dave Stewart is coloring each project. The Passageway, an OGN, was released this summer, and Ten Thousand Black Feathers, a miniseries, is currently in flight.

Lemire revealed that those projects will be followed by Tenement, another six-issue miniseries coming next spring, and then Starseed at the end of 2023:

Of course THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS books will continue through 2023. As announced earlier this week the next two projects after ten Thousand Black Feathers are now in progress… TENEMENT will be up first, and I am scripting the first issues right now. That book will be a 6-issue series and will be followed with STARSEED, a book that takes the whole mythology into completely new territory.

Lemire is also still working on Fishflies, which he began releasing through Substack last year when he first signed a deal with the platform. Earlier this year Lemire eliminated the paid version of his newsletter and made everything free, while also saying he would no longer be posting new comics there. It’s not surprising, and he’s not the only creator who shifted the focus of their Substack newsletter when their one-year deal with the company expired.

But what about Fishflies? Lemire says it’ll arrive in print next year:

FISHFLIES is the project that I am currently both writing and drawing. Many early chapters of Fishflies are available to read for FREE in the archives of this newsletter, but now I am prepping the book to be published in print in 2023. Right now it looks like the series will launch in MAY from Image comics, and it will be published monthly.

He added that he should be done with the story in March or April, and after that will begin working on new Royal City comics.

Lemire also laid out his plans for Black Hammer, the series of projects set in their own superhero universe that he created with Dean Ormston and has published through Dark Horse. Lemire is currently working with artist Malachi Ward on Black Hammer: The End, which he says “is the culmination of all the Black Hammer books so far, and features EVERY character from EVERY series.”

Black Hammer: The End variant cover by Wilfredo Torres

But is is actually “The End” of the Black Hammer universe? Lemire says no, as he has several other projects coming over the next two years:

  • The Last Days of Black Hammer, a graphic novel with Stefano Simeone that Lemire originally syndicated through Substack. Dark Horse will publish it next fall.
  • Madame Dragonfly, the previously announced miniseries with Ormston, will arrive in 2024.
  • An as yet untitled new project with artist Teddy Kristensen.
Black Hammer: The End variant cover by David Rubin

Finally, Lemire said he has several other projects in the works, including a new Image Comics series with Gabriel H. Walta that will launch in March and a new Image series with Simeone. You can read more about them on Substack.

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