Comixology Originals announces ‘Retroverse’ by Bunn + Bivens

The new series will arrive on the platform next week.

Master of horror comics Cullen Bunn will team with artist John Bivens for Retroverse, a new science fiction title about a a teenage girl who finds herself in an alternate reality where she died.

“After a wild, drunken party, 19-year-old Kacy Martin wakes up in an alternate universe—one where she has been dead for 13 years,” said Bunn. “She must navigate the heartbreaking waters of a world that seems to have turned out much better without her in it. And she must do so while wielding newly discovered, terrifying abilities against alien horrors.”

Kacy will have to convince her friends that she is who she says she is while fighting monsters and trying to save her town.

“I’m pretty sure when Cullen and I started talking about this project, he knew I worked as a butcher for years before working full time as a comic artist,” Bivens said. “Because of that, it makes sense to design realities connected by muscles, organs, and viscera… and my goal is to make the reader think that what they are looking at is squishy.”

Here’s a look at some of the interior pages, which also feature the lettering of Anna Peterson:

The first issue of the five-issue miniseries will go live on Amazon next Tuesday.

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