Marvel returns to the ‘Planet of the Apes’ in April

David F. Walker and Dave Wachter bring the franchise back to Marvel with a new ongoing series.

Marvel has revealed more details on their Planet of the Apes relaunch, which will hit stores in April. The publisher revealed last year that they had once again obtained the license to make POTA comics for the first time since the 1970s.

The ongoing series by David F. Walker and Dave Wachter will be set during the war between humans and apes, after the ALZ-113 virus infects humanity and the world begins to crumble.

“Not only is Planet of the Apes my favorite film franchise, it was my favorite series of comics from Marvel when I was a kid,” Walker said. “Both the films and the comics ignited my imagination and helped me fall in love with the art of storytelling. To be part of Marvel’s return to the Planet of the Apes is more than an honor, it is a childhood dream come true.”

Main cover bu Joshua Cassara

Here’s the description from Marvel: This new era of apes kicks off with part 1 of “Devolution.” The ALZ-113 virus has rampaged across planet Earth, and humanity is crumbling. While well-meaning researchers hunt for a cure, a fanatical group of humans has their own solution: kill all apes. Peacekeeper Juliana Tobon is one of the few willing to stand against them, but the crisis is spreading, and soon apes will witness the true depths of human cruelty…

While Joshua Cassara is the artist for the main cover, Mike McKone and Logan Lubera provide variants for the first issue:

Marvel’s first journey to the Planet of the Apes came in the 1970s, when they adapted several of the Planets of the Apes films into comics and published a black-and-white magazine, Planet of the Apes, through their Curtis Magazine imprint. Marvel will release a Planet of the Apes omnibus in March that collects the 11-issue Adventures on the Planet of the Apes series from the 1970s by Doug Moench, George Tuska and Alfredo Alcala.

Look for the first issue of the new ongoing series on April 5.

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