‘The Rocketeer’ returns for a one-shot in May

Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee and more contribute stories to the anthology.

IDW will publish an anthology one-shot featuring Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer, with stories by Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee and more.

The idea for the project sprang from 2022 documentary Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection by Kelvin Mao. Mao found out that The screenwriters for The Rocketeer movie, Bilson and De Meo, had written a Rocketeer comic book script featuring the Rocketeer teaming with Amelia Earhart. Hughes will draw that story, while Mao and Windom each wrote a new story for the one-shot.

“What an amazing gift born out of making Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection! It’s been a singular privilege collaborating with some of Dave’s longtime pals on a bonafide Rocketeer comic,” Mao said.

Mao will work with artist Craig Cermak and colorist Laura Martin on his story, which features “a vaguely familiar adventurer/archeologist.” Windom will work with artist Jae Lee colorist June Chung on his, which features the Rocketeer fighting a Japanese Zero in the South Pacific.

“It was a huge honor contributing art for this project. Dave Stevens has been an inspiration to me since I first saw his work. He’s captured the beauty of a time period that is forever golden,” Lee said.

The one-shot will also feature pin-ups by Phil Noto and Maria Laura Sanapo.

Here’s a look at the variant cover by Gabriel Rodríguez:

Look for the one-shot on comic store shelves in May.

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