TinyView is raising money to offer more webcomics

The site that carries comics by Matt Bors, Brian Gordon, Jimmy Craig and more could use your help.

TinyView, the aggregated webcomics site that features comics by Rob Rogers, Brian Gordon, Matt Bors, Gemma Correll, Jimmy Craig and more, is currently running a fundraiser campaign to “reach sustainability and offer more comics.”

While social media can help creators build an audience, they typically don’t provide any payment when people read their content. That’s where a site like TinyView can come in. The site isn’t looking for direct donations, but rather is asking readers to become paid subscribers.

“Artists and creators are often forced to post work for free on the main social media platforms to gain a following. Tinyview enables artists to be paid for the work they post, while bringing lovers of classic funny-page comics together,” said Raj Lalwani, CEO of Tinyview. “Our current fundraising campaign will allow Tinyview to generate revenue from readers which will support artists they love and help usher in a stronger creator economy.”

by Brian Gordon

As of this writing, they’ve raised more than $13,000 of their $25,000 monthly goal. They’re hoping to hit that goal by Feb. 14.

So if you haven’t checked them out, please do. I’d recommend They Can Talk and LunarBaboon, but the site’s easy enough to navigate to see the full range of what they offer.

“Having been burned by other social media sites’ exploitative practices, I was initially skeptical to join the Tinyview roster of artists,” Gordon said. “But I quickly saw how important their mission is, and I’ve since become one of their strongest advocates. Our founder, Raj, not only compensates artists fairly for their work, he gives us a voice in all levels of decision-making. As an artist who relies on the internet for my livelihood, it’s been a game-changing experience to finally have a say in how my work is presented and shared.”

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