Silk returns in a new miniseries in May

Emily Kim and Ig Guara send Silk into the Spider-Verse this spring.

Silk, aka Cindy Moon, the character who was bitten by a radioactive spider on the same day as Peter Parker but whose life took a completely different turn, will return in another miniseries in May.

Writer Emily Kim and artist Ig Guara will send the character off on a new adventure within the Spider-Verse — which is appropriate, given the big role she’s played in the most recent issue of Spider-Man during the “End of Spider-Verse” storyline.

“I’m thrilled to be able to continue writing for Cindy. It felt like I spent the first run getting to know her and now that I do, I can use the second run to explore how she’d change when thrown into wildly different worlds,” Kim told “But the true fun will be to see the ways in which she stays the same Cindy we’ve known and loved for many years even when in brand new environments.”

cover by Dave Johnson

Silk has appeared in several series and miniseries since her debut in 2014. She’s also appeared in titles like Agents of Atlas and the various Spider-Verse series. Her previous miniseries, written by Kim, had her working as a journalist, but this Spider-Verse story re-imagines her as a detective:

There’s something rotten in Los Angeles, and ace detective Cindy Moon is on the case! Wait…that can’t be right. In this mind-bending new series, Cindy will face old foes and never-before-seen dangers that will take her to the breaking point!

Look for the first issue of five on May 10.

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