Drew Craig will unleash ‘The Savage Strength of Starstorm’ in May

The new Image Comics series follows an orphaned, amnesiac high school student who holds the fate of the entire universe in his hands.

Image Comics has announced a new series written and drawn by Drew Craig, an “up and coming” creator, as the press release puts it, whose name you’ll likely hear a lot in the future.

Craig is the creator of a whole universe that’s coming to life inside the pages of The Savage Strength of Starstorm, which kicks off in May.

“It’s a love letter, and homage to all the great stories, characters and creators I loved in my adolescence, and my hope is that in doing so, I’ve created something new, and that Starstorm and his world will excite and captivate readers the way those stories captivated me growing up,” Craig said.

Here’s the full description from Image:

The Savage Strength of Starstorm follows orphaned amnesiac high school student Grant Garrison as he attempts to navigate his present and recall his past when a meteor decimates his school. Amongst the rubble, Grant discovers a strange artifact from another galaxy, the weapon known as the Starstorm, and the power that resides within it will determine not only his and his friends’ future—but the fate of the entire universe.

Here’s a look at the first issue’s variant cover by Wes Craig:

And here’s a preview of the first issue:

Be sure to check out Craig’s Instagram for more of his artwork, which is impressive and fun. The first issue of the new series arrives May 31.

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