Dan Schkade + Brennan Wagner create a new hero for Portland in ‘Saint John’

Dark Horse Comics and Portland Gear team up on the four-issue miniseries.

Portland-based publisher Dark Horse Comics has teamed up with apparel company Portland Gear for Saint John, which introduces a new superhero operating in the Oregon city.

Local artist Brennan Wagner will team with writer Dan Schkade and letterer Frank Cvetkovic on the four-issue miniseries that introduces a hero “built for the quirks that make the city unique.”

“A few years ago, I set out to create a positive storyline for the city and utilize the connections I’ve had in town for many years.” said Marcus Harvey, founder and owner of Portland Gear. “With the assistance of Brennan, Dan and Mike Richardson, the idea of a superhero for Portland came to life—an individual radiating positivity and dedicated to community building. Portland is a magical place, and I believe that employing the medium of a comic book would provide a unique opportunity to share its wonders with the world.”

Not only does the comic introduce Saint John, but it also spotlights the city itself:

When reporter Tori Slate from the Big Apple comes to Portland to investigate an underground superhero named Saint John, she discovers not only a larger mystery at play but also the charm and genuine beauty of the Rose City. Tori starts to see the world, and Portland, through Saint John’s eyes and realizes that some cities may be worth saving after all.

“When Marcus approached me about doing this project, I knew I had to pull in my longtime collaborator and dear friend—Dan Schkade,” Wagner said. “We were immediately hooked by the concept and wanted to be a part of it. Portland is the perfect stomping ground for an adventure like this. We can’t wait to introduce the world to Saint John.”

Look for the first issue on Sept. 20.

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