Marvel announces ‘Star Wars: Visions’ series by creators from around the world

The series of one-shots will kick off in November with Peach Momoko.

Marvel and Lucasfilm will bring the Star Wars: Visions series to comics with a series of one-shots by comic creators from around the world — starting in November with Peach Momoko.

If you aren’t familiar with Star Wars: Visions, it’s an animated TV series on Disney+ that has featured cartoons by creators from around the world, each bringing their own style and vision to the Star Wars universe. Given that she’s already re-envisioned the Marvel Universe in her Demon Days series, Momoko seems like a natural choice to kick the initiative off.

“I really enjoy thinking about how to tell my own version of Star Wars, while keeping in mind the concepts of the original universe,” Momoko told

Momoko said her one-shot will feature a somewhat different approach to the idea of the light side and the dark side of the force. The story is about a cult that has formed after the death of a major Sith Lord.

“I wanted to tell a story about a cult. And I felt within the Star Wars universe, the dark side was something that ties to when a human, or something living, loses itself and then wants to rely on believing something in order to have hope to live,” Momoko said. “I believe falling to the dark side is nothing to be ashamed of. It could save you. Sometimes the dark side can help defeat your trauma and fear. In the story, Ankok’s belief is that the time when light defeats darkness has ended. It is the time to accept the darkness. And Tata is only using the dark side to help those who need a ‘dark light.’”

Here’s a look at some of the characters who will appear in the comic:

Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko will arrive in stores Nov. 15.

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