‘Dutch’ may be ‘the biggest, most expansive story’ Joe Casey has ever told at Image Comics

The three-issue miniseries drawn by Simon Gane begins in February.

Following the release of Dutch #0 this week, which collected Joe Casey and Nathan Fox’s story from the Image 30th anniversary anthology, Image has announced a three-issue Dutch miniseries by Casey and artist Simon Gane.

“This new miniseries with the great Simon Gane is the next, white-hot phase of something much bigger—maybe the biggest, most expansive story I’ve ever told at Image Comics,” Casey said. “Personally, I can’t wait for readers to see the mayhem that Simon and I are cooking up, taking the classic Image action aesthetic and launching it into the next decade!”

Dutch, if you’re not familiar with him, is a 1990s Image Comics character created by Chap Yaep. Dutch appeared in Supreme and related Extreme Studios titles, including Bloodstrike and Youngblood.

Here are the details on the story from Image: In Dutch, the classic ’90s super-soldier returns. An enemy from the past has forced Dutch back into the belly of the beast—but will his former teammates welcome him back? Or will a cybernetic kill team get to him first?

“As soon as I read Joe’s script for Dutch, I wanted to draw it,” said Gane. “It’s literally explosive from the start and manages to be both bombastic and deft throughout, and so much fun! He’s cooking alright. Like a Michelin-starred chef with a flamethrower.”

Dutch #1 will arrive in stores on Feb. 14. Gane drew the main cover, shown above, while Yaep and Nick Pitarra have done variant covers for the first issue:

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