Night Thrasher ollies, kickflips and noseslides his way into a new miniseries

The former leader of the New Warriors returns in a new miniseries by J. Holtham and Nelson Dániel.

Night Thrasher, the skateboard-riding rich kid who took to superheroing after the death of his parents, will return in a new miniseries next year by J. Holtham and Nelson Dániel.

The new series will give the founder of the New Warriors a new look and a new archenemy, while rekindling his relationship with fellow New Warrior member Silhouette.

Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in the pages of Thor before jumping into the New Warriors series by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley, the character is one of many that epitomizes that early 1990s era of comics. While it appeared he died during Civil War in the battle that kicked off the event, he was actually saved by The Collector, as revealed in Contest of Champions a few years back.

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Everybody gets to be Venom in new ‘What If?’ miniseries

‘What If? Venom’ imagines different characters playing host to the symbiote, courtesy of Jeremy Holt and Jesús Hervás.

You get a symbiote, you get a symbiote, and you get a symbiote … Marvel has announced What If? Venom, a five-issue miniseries that’ll debut in February.

Jeremy Holt and Jesús Hervás will send the Venom symbiote on a “tour” of the Marvel universe, showing what might have happened if it used She-Hulk, Wolverine, Loki, Doctor Strange and Moon Knight as its host.

“Having the opportunity to play within the Venom sandbox is cool. Having the opportunity to bond five iconic heroes to the alien parasite is cooler,” Holt said. “In doing so within the What If…? concept, I’ve had an absolute blast crafting a linear revisionist history that’s provided me the latitude to introduce distinct versions of the anti-hero that we’ve all come to love.”

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