Cullen Bunn’s ‘Deepest Catacombs’ returns to the web

The Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webcomic picks up where the first story left off.

Cullen Bunn will return to the world of Deepest Catacombs for another round of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webcomics. He plans to release an all-new 22-page comic in a serialized format via his Patreon, with subscribers getting early access to the strips.

The first one is up now, as is the entirety of the first Deepest Catacombs adventure. Each page is drawn by a different artist, and the project was inspired by those one-page comic-strip advertisements for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game that appeared in comics back in the 1980s.

“When I finished releasing the initial run of The Deepest Catacombs, I knew I would return to that world,” Bunn said. “I just loved the characters and the nostalgia, the magic and the monsters. And I loved working with so many talented artists! This was, of course, a labor of love, so it has taken me a bit of time to get the ball rolling again, but the story is going to be a ton of fun!”

The first installment features artwork by Andres Cruz, while future pages will feature the work of Danny Luckert, AC Zamudio, Nick Zamudio and Rich Woodall, among others.

The new story features the returning characters—Randall, Annalynn, Kezira, Chops the pig and Fingerbones, who all somehow miraculously survived the first adventure—delving into a frozen, haunted castle filled with wyverns, draugr, ghosts, dragons and vampires. Bunn said the new adventure is inspired by D&D modules like Ravenloft and Castle Amber.

Supporters of Cullen Bunn’s Patreon will have early access to the pages, as well as behind-the-scenes information, scripts and RPG content. The comic pages will then be released for free to the reading public just a couple of days later. Head over to Bunn’s Patreon to check it out.

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