Warren Pleece returns to Dark Horse for ‘a dystopian eco-noir thriller’

The creator of ‘Incognegro’ will write and draw a new graphic novel for the Berger Books imprint.

Incognegro creator Warren Pleece will return with a new graphic novel next year from Berger Books, the Dark Horse imprint run by former Vertigo chief Karen Berger.

The Sunny-Luna Travelling Oracle is described as “a dystopian eco-noir thriller about power, escape, creation, and the mark we leave on the world.”

“My love of the natural world and learning about the Wood Wide Web grafted to my other permanent obsession with the long dramatic shadows cast by classic film noir, finally led me to this rip-snorting eco-thriller story with more than a touch of magic,” Pleece said.

Here are additional details from Dark Horse:

In the devastated dust bowl of what once was America, Esta is a lonely, restless and bright teenager with only the mysterious town librarian and her beloved books to rely on. So when the dazzling Sunny Luna Travelling Oracle arrives in her shell of a town, it seems like it could be the answer to her unspoken prayers– especially when the proprietors themselves take an interest in Esta. But Sunny and Luna are not what they appear–and neither is their show. Esta and her precious books are about to become the key to a strange, secret magic that may hold the last hope for nature in this devastated America–unless Sunny and Luna destroy it first.

“Warren Pleece is a master storyteller,” Berger said. “His coming-of-age tale set in dark and daunting days, speaks to censorship, misinformation, and the emotional power of books. It will surely resonate with adults and young adult readers alike.”

The graphic novel will begin arriving in stores next August.

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