Remender + Bengal present the explosive ‘Napalm Lullaby’ in March

Rick Remender returns to superheroes for the first time in a decade.

Death or Glory creators Rick Remender and Bengal will re-team this year for a high-octane superhero story, Napalm Lullaby. The comic will be released through Remender’s Giant Generator imprint at Image Comics.

Napalm Lullaby and The Holy Roller are my first forays into superheroes since I left Marvel a decade ago,” said Remender. “At one point in time, I promised myself never to return to this genre—but when this idea [for Napalm Lullaby] hit, it was too exciting not to make it real. Fortunately, my longtime collaborator and friend Bengal agreed, and we set out to make an apocalyptic superhero story unlike anything you’ve seen or read. We’ve been developing this story for years and it couldn’t have more love dumped into it. Ben has made sure every single page is a work of art.”

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