Cartoonists go all out for Hourly Comics Day 2024

Check out comics by Karen Czap, James Chapman, Mel Gillman and more.

It’s February, which means its time for the annual #HourlyComicsDay, where cartoonists commit to making and posting a comic every hour for a day.

That’s certainly a different task than 24-Hour Comics Day, where a creator will try to make a complete comic in a day. Because of the fast nature of trying to post a new comic every hour, most hourly comics typically fall into the “autobiography” or personal journal category, as participants detail their day in comics form.

Here are a few I saw this year. You can also find them by searching for “Hourly Comics Day” on your social media site of choice, be it BlueSky, Tumblr, Instagram or the site formerly known as Twitter.

This one by Gica is quite lovely:

Waking up, going to bed and eating are popular topics, as seen in Sasha’s contributions:

Given the speed it takes to post a comic every hour, many artists take a more minimalist approach, which I think works really well in these comics by Niki Smith:

As well as these comics by Eve Greenwood:

I really dig these comics by Johnny Cigarette:

Other Ever Afters creator Mel Gillman is a veteran hourly comics participant:

James Chapman‘s comics have a fun ending:

You can read Meredith McClaren’s over on Tumblr:

And Karen Czap already has them up on Patreon:

Here’s Tatiana Gill’s:

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